How about them roads, eh? No progress from our elected “leaders” on that front.

That’s why we have TWIP!

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Summer School for Snyder?

Basic math tells us that Gov. Rick Snyder has not raised funding for our neighborhood schools. That CPA thing he’s always talking about doesn’t appear to be doing him any good.

Sadly, One More

As a nation, we need to have a serious discussion about how to prevent mass shootings. And no, that serious discussion should not involve giving everyone guns.

Coal Ash on the Cob

Salt and butter: That’s what I like on my corn on the cob. But thanks to Republican lawmakers, you might be getting a nice tang of arsenic and mercury with your corn from now on.

Fathers Agree: Terri Lynn Land Doesn’t Understand Today’s Working Family

I think I know why Terri Lynn Land’s campaign has her hidden in a bunker. Every time she talks, she winds up disenfranchising some voting demographic. And she’s really ticked off dads. (Happy early Fathers Day!)

On the road again…

After two lengthy Senate sessions, plenty of snarky tweets from the Capitol Press Corps and a lot of heated debate — we still have hellishly horrible roads.

Despite having control of every level of government, the Republicans failed to get serious road funding reforms done before they left for a 12-week (that’s three months) summer vacation where they go back to their districts and tell their constituents how great of a job they’re doing in Lansing.

These are the same lawmakers who rushed through Right to Work in record time and passed a minimum wage bill in a matter of hours.

Recent history shows us that this group can get things done when they want to — whether what they pass is good or not for the people of Michigan is another matter entirely.

We called out Gov. Rick Snyder on the issue. The governor has been preaching about fixing the roads since he came into office and yet he’s failed the test of leadership by failing to get state government, which is controlled by his own party, to tackle one of his top legislative priorities.

I get mine

Despite our roads being asphalt-covered death traps, our state lawmakers seem to have other priorities. It’s “I get mine” kind of mentality:

What? You want good roads? Buzz off! I’ve got a vacation to go on.

It’s not just the fact that lawmakers hightailed it out of Lansing faster than a gavel drop last night. It’s the fact that they’ve had three years to think, debate, discuss and compromise on this issue. But instead, what have they been doing? They’ve been getting theirs.

You want new roads? Sorry, we get new carpet in our office.

You want safe bridges? Ha! Fat chance. We just bought millions in new furniture from the governor’s cousin.

You tired of busting your wheel wells on giant potholes? That’s too bad, but we’re getting new (essentially ornamental) steps for the Capitol that no one actually uses.

It’s not like we can’t afford newer, nicer roads. It’s just that conservatives have other priorities, like appeasing Tea Party groups like Americans for Prosperity. These lawmakers don’t care about the roads. They had three years to fix them and they haven’t.

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