Well, what do you know?

As it turns out, giving corporations billions of dollars in unaccountable tax giveaways, cutting $1 billion from public schools, raising taxes on seniors and working families and passing Right to Work have not made Michigan the epicenter of economic progress that Gov. Rick Snyder likes to claim they have.

According to a recent post from CNN Money, Michigan ranks in the top 5 worst state economies over the past several years.

Sorry, Gov. Snyder, but your policies are not working.

Remember that giant surplus we thought we had? Well, it turns out our “nerd” governor isn’t as a good of a CPA as he likes to claim. Our $1 billion surplus went “poof” only a few months after our governor began bragging about it.

“I always like to ask the question, why do we have a surplus. It’s because our economy is succeeding,” the governor said in his State of the State address in January.

Sorry, governor. Our economy is not succeeding. It seems that it is going well if you’re a rich person or a big Snyder campaign donor. But for your average family, you’re taxes are higher, your schools are underfunded and your roads are falling apart.

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