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June 16, 2014

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Covington Jumps Ship: Another Example of Gov. Snyder’s Failed EAA Experiment

LANSING — It was announced today that John Covington, the chancellor of the Education Achievement Authority, resigned from his position. This is the latest — and largest — piece of evidence that shows Gov. Rick Snyder’s educational experiment has failed.

“Dr. Covington’s resignation is further proof that the EAA is a failed experiment,” said Hugh Madden, communications director for Progress Michigan. “Gov. Snyder appointed Covington to run his unaccountable school district and now, as more information becomes available about the numerous financial controversies and questionable expenditures, Covington is jumping ship. It’s clear that this whole system lacks accountability to parents and taxpayers, as has been customary under the Snyder administration.”


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  1. Why would the governor of Michigan tax the pensions of seniors, many who have lived in Michigan all of their lives, many who voted for you. And then you give a break to corporate businesses? What could you have possibly been thinking? I dare say, its all about money, money taken from seniors and a money break for big business. And when confronted with the issue, did you really say? “I don’t care!” If that is true, its a sad time for Michigan

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