This may come as a surprise, but this week was actually a good week in Michigan conservative-controlled politics. Shocking, right?

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How Done is Detroit’s Deal?

Detroit retirees are not the ones expressing “relief” that the bankruptcy is “done.” They are canaries in the coal mine, a warning of what can be taken from regular working people, contracts or not.

Crashing the Tea Party: Fear and Loathing in Mount Pleasant

Progress Michigan attended the annual Michigan Tea Party “PowWow” over the weekend. We heard and saw things that we expected, but at the same time shocked us.

Why Stop with Agema?

While Republicans are just now getting serious about ousting Agema over his racist and inflammatory comments, don’t be fooled: Agema represents the GOP platform.

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Bigotry on Parade

When we crashed the Tea Party in Mount Pleasant this past weekend, we expected to hear some “out there” statements from the far right, but what we heard actually surprised us.

There was a constant theme during the “PowWow” and it trended toward what’s known as Christian Dominionism. The LGBT community and non-Christians (particularly Muslims) were a constant target throughout the weekend.

If you’re looking for some of the worst rhetoric from the weekend, you should check out the quotes we compiled from two of the keynote speakers.

Victories for Progressives

You probably won’t believe it, but this past week was actually a good week for progressive politics, especially after the Lame Duck session we were forced to endure.

Gov. Snyder listened to the demands of the progressive community and vetoed NRA-backed legislation that could have put concealed weapons into the hands of abusers and stalkers.

Snyder also vetoed legislation that would’ve prevented the Department of Natural Resources from designating land to protect biodiversity. The vetoing of this bill was a victory for progressives and anyone who cares about our state’s Great Lakes and environment. Snyder has a bad habit of valuing corporate polluters over public health and our precious natural resources, so this is a welcome move.

If Snyder’s vetoes weren’t enough, progressives can chalk up yet another victory for marriage equality. A federal judge ruled that the 300ish same-sex marriages that were performed in Michigan last year must be recognized by the state.

We applauded the news and we hope that Attorney General Bill Schuette and Snyder decide to get on the right side of history and not appeal the ruling.

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Gov. Rick Snyder vetoes bill that critics say would have jeopardized state’s biodiversity

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