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Snyder Snubs

The Snyder campaign said the 10 “town halls” that were planned around the state were supposed to be for “undecided” voters after they cancelled our tickets. That wasn’t exactly the case.

Time for Charter Accountability

For too long, charter schools have been able to operate without accountability. A short-term moratorium would give lawmakers time to make sure that new charters operate with accountability by implementing some of the recommendations in the Annenberg report.

Stop Violence Against Women

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. As a society, we have to take a hard look at the stereotypes and cultures we are perpetuating based on our actions and words.

#MICalling: Terri Lynn Land

We had some tough questions for Terri Lynn Land. She dodged them and was completely unaccountable to Michigan voters. No wonder her campaign has kept her in hiding.

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Stumbling out of the gate

When Gov. Snyder announced he was bringing in an ex-prison official from Florida to oversee the state’s Aramark contract, we were skeptical.

Why you would bring in a controversial ex-prison official to oversee a controversial prison contract?

Well, it didn’t take long for what we expected to happen to actually happen.

The first time we heard from Ed Buss, we found out he was either lying to the media or doesn’t have a handle on the situation.

Buss claimed that Aramark would be raising its hourly wages by an average of $2 an hour to help bring in more qualified employees. It turns out that wasn’t actually the case and the claim was immediately shot down by Aramark.

Aramark was only raising wages in the U.P. because they were having trouble luring people in to work for them. It was a business tactic, not an accountability measure.

Snyder hired Buss to one job: Oversee the Aramark contract. And right out of the gate he stumbled and made a big blunder. Maybe it was just a mistake.

But like our ED Lonnie Scott was quoted saying, “”It seems to me the only mistake is to not just cancel the contract.”

An Hour and Nothing New

Terri Lynn Land was on Michigan Calling on Michigan Radio this morning and in an hour she said virtually nothing.  From ISIS to Ebola, she wants President Obama to lead, but never articulated an actual proposal of her own.

She mentioned the President failing to lead when she was asked about ISIS, Ebola, travel restrictions, federal spending and carbon emissions. It was really a vague statement that didn’t always connect with the question and seemed like a response that was hard-wired into her brain.

By my count, in the first 10 minutes, Land was asked nine direct questions. She only answered one of them. Re-listening beyond that was somewhat painful for me because it was like listening to a broken record.

The point I’m trying to make is that after the radio program today, it should be painfully obvious to everyone in the state that Terri Lynn Land is not ready to be a U.S. Senator. She dodged most of the questions and went back to talking points on most questions, couldn’t give specifics and generally lacked any good ideas.

She was asked what federal program she would cut. She didn’t answer. This is from a candidate who has consistently complained about the federal budget, deficit, debt and spending and she can’t identify one program she would cut. That’s unacceptable.

Listen to the program and ask yourself: Do we want to put her in the high-stakes, high-pressure situations that face a United States Senator?

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