On October 3rd, Terri Lynn Land will be on Michigan Public Radio’s “Michigan Calling” program and will be taking questions from Michiganders. 

The program will air from 9-10 a.m. Friday morning. Callers can submit questions at (866) 255-2762 as well as on Facebook at “Michigan Calling,” or on Twitter with the #MiCalling hashtag.

Terri Lynn Land has been called “The Invisible Candidate” and she’s proven time and again that she’s rightly earned that moniker.

Whether it’s refusing to talk to concerned Michiganders, dodging questions from the media or having her PR handlers step in, Terri Lynn Land has not answered the tough questions. It‘s time to hold her accountable for supporting policies that put her corporate donors above Michigan families.

We’ll also be live-tweeting her answers so you can follow along.

Here are some questions we have for Terri Lynn Land:

-Why did you refuse to accept a letter from residents of the 48217 zip code asking that you come visit their community?

-Will you debate Gary Peters? If so, why has it taken you so long to commit? If not, why?

-Why do you support policies that put the interests of corporate polluters, like the Koch brothers, above Michigan families?

-Your road funding plan was highly criticized by the Michigan Laborers District Council and the Alliance for American Manufacturing. You say you want the state to have more control, but our legislature can’t get the job done. Why do you want to cut necessary federal funding for our crumbling roads?

-Where do you stand on support for Marriage Equality? Polling shows a majority of Michiganders support it.

-Where do you stand on Michigan’s Rape Insurance law?

-Hundreds of thousands of Michiganders now have coverage thanks to the Affordable Care Act, why would you want to take away their health insurance from them?

-You criticized President Obama for speaking to the public about his plan for handling ISIS. What’s your plan?

-Do you agree with the international scientific community that manmade climate change exists?

-Do you think our public education system would work if you would prioritize investing more in education funding?

-Do you support a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have abortion?

-Do you support allowing students who graduate college with mountains of debt to refinance their student loans?

-Do you support the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby ruling allowing corporations to discriminate against women?

-Do you support legislation that expands paid sick days to all Michigan workers?

-Do you support legislation that guarantees equal pay for equal work and prevents men and women from being paid differently based on gender?

-Do you support amending the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include LGBT protections?

-Do you support legislation that guarantees paid maternity and paternity leave?

-How do you propose we deal with the Asian Carp threat?

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