Another week, another scandal rocks the Snyder administration.

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Another Snyder Scandal

It seems like that just about once a week we’re hearing about a new scandal from the top levels of Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration. This week was no exception.

Thanks to some great journalistic digging by MIRS News in Lansing, it was discovered that Snyder’s top confidant and advisory, Richard Baird, was registered to vote in both Michigan and Illinois and was also receiving tax exemptions for homes in both states.

Baird owed nearly $17,000 in back taxes from the improper exemptions, which he paid back today. The Snyder administration declared it was a simple mistake and Baird paid back what he owed this morning.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to cut a $17,000 check at the drop of a hat? Snyder’s rich and well-connected officials have it so easy.

This Baird situation brings several problems into question: Is this considered tax fraud? We called for an investigation into the matter as soon as the news broke.

Kevyn Orr and crab cakes; Andy Dillon and his $174,000 paycheck; John Covington and his limo; Scott Woosley and his ritzy travel expenses; Richard Baird and his tax exemptions — a growing list of Snyder’s top officials have been caught rigging the system and playing games with taxpayer money. Michiganders deserve better.

Where will the next shoe drop?

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