Last week was the latest chapter in a growing pattern of corruption and questionable actions from the Snyder administration. Rather than opine further on the culture of cronyism that has developed from our “Tough Nerd” governor, we figured we’d just lay bare what’s happened and let you soak it all up.

Kevyn Orr

Threw down $3,000 for crab cakes and steak bites in his taxpayer-funded penthouse

Andy Dillon

Continued to earned his $174,000 salary even after he resigned and took a luxury cruise vacation

John Covington

Spent nearly $240,000 in travel, gas for his chauffeured car and IKEA furniture in less than two years

Scott Woosley

Racked up over $200,000 in lavish travel expenses, including a stretch limo and escargot

Richard Baird

Was claiming principle residency tax breaks in two states and owed nearly $17,000 in Michigan taxes

I’d love to see anyone argue against what is clearly a pattern here. 

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  1. And let’s not overlook the NERD Fund. ‘Dark Money’ from sources Snyder refused to name, even when it became a rather hot potato. How many donors? How many dollars? How was the money used? Snyder balked, stalled and delayed until (supposedly) shutting it down, protecting his sponsors. Where did the unspent money go? We can assume some is being invested in reelection. Was the rest returned? We may never know and that’s just one more reason to separate Snyder from Michigan politics.

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