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August 21, 2014

Contact: Sam Inglot,

Yet Another Scandal Hits the Snyder Administration

Gov. Snyder’s right-hand man involved in voting and taxation scandal

MICHIGAN — Progress Michigan released a statement today calling for an investigation into yet another developing scandal from the top levels of the Snyder administration.

According to MIRS News, Richard Baird, Gov. Rick Snyder’s top advisor “ran for precinct delegate in Michigan this month while being registered to vote in two states and while having principal residence tax exemptions attached to properties in two states.”

“After years of searching for examples of voter fraud, it seems that Michigan Republicans needed to look no further than Governor Snyder’s right-hand man,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Here you have a case where Snyder’s top-confidant allegedly committed both voter as well as tax fraud. There needs to be an investigation into this matter by the appropriate authorities. This seems to be part of pattern of corruption from the Snyder administration. Despite what they might think, Snyder and the high-ranking members of his administration are not exempt from the law.”


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