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FEDS: Ex-Snyder Official Under Investigation

For all of the scandals that have rocked the Snyder administration, it’s surprising that only one investigation has been launched. Either way, this investigation is welcome news for those wanting to hold Gov. Snyder accountable.

Unanswered Aramark Questions

There’s one big question surrounding the state’s outsourced Aramark contract: Why hasn’t Gov. Snyder cancelled the contract? But apart from that obvious inquiry, there are several other questions that Snyder needs to answer.

No Gay Civil Rights? Really?

Gov. Snyder has done nothing to promote LGBT equality. Nothing.

When Innovation Isn’t Welcome

Apparently the phrase, “Practice what you preach” holds no sway over Gov. Snyder and the conservative legislature. They’ll preach against government interference in the free market, except when it comes to Tesla’s electric cars.

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We’re back on the air

Due to the resounding success of our television ad highlighting the numerous problems with Gov. Snyder’s Aramark contract, we’re going back on the air!

The ad will go back up on cable markets in Southeast Michigan, Saginaw, Flint and Marquette starting October 25th through Election Day.

If you haven’t seen it yet (about 30,000 people have already), here’s the video:

Again, with Aramark

That’s right: More problems with Aramark. No surprises here, to be honest. More drug smuggling and a whistle-blower complaint from a former employee who says Aramark workers dangerously cut corners and falsified reports.

Whistle-blower: Aramark falsified records, served filthy food

Third Aramark prison worker suspected of drug smuggling

Let’s all say it together: Gov. Snyder, cancel the contract!

Jimmy John’s: Just Freaky

The owner of Jimmy John’s seemingly treats his employees like crap.

They make low wages, have no job security, no benefits, and no union representation.

Jimmy John’s employees, from sandwich makers to delivery drivers, are even required to sign non-compete agreements forbidding them to work at one of the sandwich chain’s competitors for a period of two years following employment at Jimmy John’s. The company’s definition of a “competitor” encompasses any business that’s within 3 miles of a Jimmy John’s location and that derives 10 percent of its revenue from sandwiches.

In Michigan, that means that all of metro Detroit, Lansing, East Lansing, and Grand Rapids would effectively be off limits to food service employment opportunities for former Jimmy John’s employees.

To everyone’s surprise, conservative legislators aren’t up in arms over this blatant attempt to stifle “free market capitalism.” Not only is Jimmy John’s preventing other businesses from competing by requiring employees to sign non-compete agreements, it’s also limiting Michiganders’ job opportunities.

In times like these, when many families are struggling to make ends meet and small businesses are being forced to close their doors, conservatives should be openly condemning actions like Jimmy John’s.

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