As you’ve heard by now, Gov. Rick Snyder’s contract with Aramark has been a disaster and is a public safety concern for Michigan residents. Despite all we know, including drug smuggling, a murder-for-hire plot and sexual romps, we still have questions that need to be answered.

  1. Dennis Muchmore and Dan Heyns discussed cancelling the $98,000 fine in March. What did Gov. Snyder know and when did he know it regarding the cancelled fine?
  1. Why hasn’t leadership in the state legislature held any hearings into the Aramark scandal?
  1. The Department of Corrections issued a press release covering for Aramark. Was the Department pressured by the Snyder administration or Aramark to issue the release?
  1. Dennis Muchmore asked the Treasury Department to do him a favor and research the investment value of Aramark. Was this an official state function or a personal favor?
  1. What happens to a worker that is ordered to stay away from our prisons? Are they still able to work for Aramark in our schools, with our seniors or at sporting events?

NOTE: We asked the Governor, top officials in charge of the Aramark contract and Aramark this exact question. For the sake of our students, seniors and families, I hope we get an answer soon.

  1. Why does Gov. Snyder continue to defend Aramark while refusing to defend his own record of failure when it comes to public safety?

We will keep pressing the administration for answers because as taxpayers and citizens concerned about the safety of our children and communities, we deserve to know the truth.



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