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October 20, 2014

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Letter to Snyder: Where are Banned Aramark Workers?

Progress Michigan letter to governor asks about 112 Aramark employees banned from state prisons 

LANSING — Today, Progress Michigan sent a letter to Gov. Rick Snyder asking if he knows for a fact that the 112 Aramark employees are not working in other Michigan facilities where they could interact with vulnerable populations.

To date, 112 Aramark workers have been banned from working in Michigan prisons for grievances ranging from sexual contact with inmates to drug smuggling.

“Despite the dangerous consequences of this privatization effort in our state prisons, Gov. Snyder has stood behind his decision to hire Aramark,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “We think parents, grandparents and Michigan voters should know whether or not these employees are working elsewhere in Michigan. If Aramark’s employees can’t be responsible in our prisons, we definitely don’t want them in our schools. We believe it’s the Snyder administration’s responsibility to get answers considering they’re the ones keeping this contract intact.”

The letter below was sent to Gov. Snyder, MDOC Director Daniel Heyns, Aramark contract overseer Ed Buss and Aramark’s Corporate Legal Counsel:

As you are aware, the state’s contract with Aramark has been plagued with problems. They include inappropriate sexual contact, drug smuggling, a murder-for-hire plot and others. To date, at least 112 Aramark workers have been issued “stop orders” banning them from working in Michigan’s prisons.

However, Aramark provides its services to schools, universities, seniors, and at family-oriented sporting events in Michigan as well. 

Michigan taxpayers deserve to know if any of these workers that were banned from working with our prisoners are currently working for Aramark in another capacity, including at our schools, senior centers and sporting venues.  

Can you assure Michigan families that workers banned from Michigan prisons are not working for Aramark in other capacities in Michigan?

Please respond promptly in writing so that we may educate the public about this important issue. 

Very truly yours, 

Lonnie Scott

Executive Director

Progress Michigan


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