Everyone have a fun and safe Labor Day and remember why we celebrate it!

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Breakdown: Snyder’s Administrative Scandals

By the numbers: The dollars and cents of corruption in Snyder’s administration.

Tuesdays with Terri: Net Neutrality

If you’re wondering what Net Neutrality is, you’re better off Googling it than asking Terri Lynn Land.


Every day is Women’s Equality Day for us, but we still take the time to remember where we’ve been and what we’re fighting for.

Let Them Drive Golf Carts

Our roads are crumbling, our schools are underfunded and what do our lawmakers decided to tackle? Golf carts on local streets. Priorities!

Hunting for answers

The Michigan Legislature doesn’t want you to vote — unless it’s to put them into office. We’ve got another chapter in a series of troubling stories about how they continue to circumvent the voice of the people.

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Terri Lynn Land’s Ideas Hurt America

Terri Lynn Land’s road funding plan did not roll out to rave reviews. The Michigan Laborers District Council, which represents the workers who actually build our state’s roads and bridges, said her plan was “short on details” and wouldn’t help Michigan. And just yesterday, the Alliance for American Manufacturing (a non-partisan, non-profit) delivered this blow to her half-baked idea:

“Land’s anti-Washington rhetoric might seem appealing considering how little D.C. has gotten done these days, but ultimately it would hurt American workers and businesses … and benefit foreign companies.”

How’s that for “Putting Michigan First?”

A Message to the MIGOP for Labor Day

Monday is Labor Day and I just want to say to any conservative lawmakers in Michigan that want to boast about parades and talk about BBQs, you’re what’s wrong with this state.

The U.S. Department of Labor cites Labor Day as a day “dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.”

Well, Michigan GOP lawmakers, you have done nothing to help Michigan workers.

You have only helped corporations deregulate their industries while receiving massive tax breaks that have been paid for by workers and their families. You’ve raised workers taxes, you’ve attacked their unions, defunded their schools, fought against a minimum wage increase and you’ve silenced their voices the ballot box — and I’m sure you’re not done yet.

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