Can you believe this? After years of failing to fix our roads and months of vacation, the Michigan legislature returned today and promptly voted to allow golf carts to be driven on local streets. Seriously? Is that what passes for leadership in the Snyder years?

With forecasters calling for another polar vortex, our legislators should be focused on fixing our roads. Instead they spent today once again denying Michiganders the right to vote on a wolf initiative and allowing people with golf carts to drive on roads (I mean, Freedom right?).

So, Lansing conservatives let another day go by without a plan to fix our roads while finally taking up the all-important issue of local street access for golf carts. My suggestion for Michigan’s road-weary, pothole-hitting travelers – next time you see a pothole, just imagine that it’s a nice water hazard and you’re enjoying a stress free day at the links. For the legislators that continue to fail to address our priorities – stop listening to your corporate backers and listen to the people that elected you.

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  1. Snyder, Bolger, Slimeyville, and the rest of the Lansing Loons are pathetic. We will GOTV and send as many of them packing as possible. They are contemptible and ignorant and we will send them home. Michigan deserves better than what these idiots have inflicted on us.

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