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August 27, 2014

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Lawmakers Once Again Attack Michiganders’ Right to Vote

Wolf hunt vote is another example of the GOP legislature’s attack on democracy

LANSING — Today lawmakers in Lansing once again attacked Michiganders’ right to vote by approving legislation that authorizes a wolf hunt in Michigan.

“Rather than vote to fix our roads, investigate the rampant corruption in Gov. Snyder’s administration or restore Snyder’s cuts to education, conservative lawmakers decided to attack the right of Michiganders to vote on issues that are important to them,” said Hugh Madden, communications director for Progress Michigan. “This pattern of abuse needs to stop. The people of Michigan are tired of out-of-touch lawmakers acting like selfish children who don’t want anyone else to have a say in the democratic process.”

The wolf hunt is only the latest instance in a string of abuses by the conservative legislature to deprive people of their right to vote on important issues. Lawmakers who didn’t want to allow a vote of the people and rigged the game during the emergency manager law repeal, institution of rape insurance and the minimum wage debate.

“The people of Michigan voted these lawmakers into office and now lawmakers are returning the favor by ignoring the voices of those who elected them and casting their rights aside,” Madden continued. “There is a clear story here: The GOP legislature has had enough with democracy, they’re running the state on their own terms.”


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