At a media training yesterday, I heard the best comment about Michigan’s lame duck session: “That sucker quacks.”

That it does, but between now and then, we’ve got plenty of progress to make.

This Week in PM Blogging:

Gotta get down on Friday

Friday news dumps are nothing unusual. However, last Friday was an especially tough day for Gov. Snyder, mainly because so much has gone wrong on his watch.


Sure, Michigan is the Great Lakes State, but what’s with all the water-related problems lately?

For Rick Snyder: No Flood of Emotions for Affected Families

Gov. Rick Snyder won’t be winning any personality contests lately, but the least you’d expect from our governor would be baseline compassion for people who’ve lost so much from the flood. But don’t hold your breath.

America is Not for Brown People

Sometimes racial discrimination is quiet and gentle. Other times it’s in your face and blatant. Either way, it’s wrong.

TWIP Clips:

Charter School Lobbyists Need an Education

So the pro-charter school group, Great Lakes Education Project, also known by the guttural sound “GLEP” posted this tweet yesterday attacking State Superintendent Mike Flanagan for trying to hold charter schools accountable:


We demanded that GLEP apologize for the tweet and they eventually did.

Comparing blatant racism with accountability over taxpayer dollars is not only a false equivalency, it’s downright sick.

GLEP later removed the tweet and apologized, but only after they posted a string of tweets defending their asinine comment.

If GLEP is truly concerned about equality, then maybe they should put their wealth of DeVos money behind marriage and adoption equality or an equal pay for equal work campaign.


Big shout out to the folks at Eclectablog for leveraging Gov. Snyder’s relentlessly out of touch musings on the catastrophic floods that ravaged the Detroit area.

The hashtag #JustLikeTheDetroitFlood was popping up all over the Twitterverse and users were coming up with some great satirical posts aimed at showing Snyder the error of his ways. Here are some of the best:

Progressive Reads:

You Can’t Understand Ferguson Without First Understanding These Three Things

When The Media Treats White Suspects And Killers Better Than Black Victims

Unrest in Ferguson is about more than one police killing

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