For TWIP I want to make one thing clear: Kids are kids. And they deserve compassion.

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Get registered!

If you’re planning on voting in the August primary and you’re not registered, you’re SOL. But fear not! You can still register to vote for the big kahuna — the November General Election.

Onward for Progress

A PMer departs, but that doesn’t mean we’re slowing down in the fight for progress. Wherever we go we bring the progress with us!

For Anti-Choice Conservatives, the Moment of Truth Has Arrived

The Central American children refugee crisis will ultimately be a test for the far-right, who constantly talk about the sanctity of life, particularly when it comes to children.

Yet Another Chapter in the War on Women

Is anyone else tired of this story yet? The book that is the War on Women keeps growing and growing. And lawmakers in Michigan, like Gov. Rick Snyder, are not doing much to put an end to it.

TWIP Clips

Where you at?

Next week is an exciting time for progressives across the country. Why? Netroots Nation! That’s why.

And for the PM staff, we get a few extra days of fun because the Progress Now conference is taking place during the three days before Netroots.

So if you’re wondering where we’ll be next week, we’ll be in Detroit hanging out and learning with progressive activists from all over the U.S.

But don’t worry, we won’t let politicians or the right-wingers get away with any foolishness while we’re gone. We’ll keep an eye on everything going on in Lansing and around Michigan — and we’ll have an army of progressives behind us if anyone acts up.

They’re Kids

There’s been a lot of hubbub surrounding the news that 120 child refugees from Central America may be housed in a vacant facility in Vassar, Michigan.

Some folks in Vassar have not done their city, state or nation proud as far as I’m concerned.

There’s been a lot of hate speech, fear mongering and down right misinformation when it comes to the situation these kids are facing. And I want to be very clear about the fact that these are kids.

One person went so far as to say we should set up a minefield at the border to prevent undocumented people from coming over the border.

When I think about these kids and what they’ve faced, I just can’t relate. I’ve never left my family, friends and home to cross international borders to escape violence and death.

But here’s where we can all relate: They have a favorite color. They have a best friend. They probably enjoy playing with kittens and/or puppies. They like to play games. And they’re probably scared out of their minds and just want to feel safe. Why? Because they’re kids. They have very little control over what’s happening to them and the cards that fate has dealt them,

It’s time we as Michiganders united in compassion for these kids — not condemnation.

Senator Mike Green, a Republican from Mayville, is not helping the situation. He released a statement where he basically used these helpless kids as ammo to take cheap shots at President Obama. We called on him to stop with the rhetoric and to get to work to actually find a solution.

We’re going to continue to monitor this situation and hold people accountable for their words and actions. History will judge us on how we handle this test. Will we come together, embrace these kids and help them out? Or will we have a stain on our history that we have to learn from? I say we avoid having to learn a lesson and do this right the first time.

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