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Sen. Mike Green’s Comments About Refugee Children Equate to Fear-Mongering, Should Call For Immigration Reform

Rather than spewing vitriol, should be calling for comprehensive immigration reform 

MICHIGAN — According to a story today about the possible relocation of 60 unaccompanied minor refugees from Central America to Vasser, Michigan, Sen. Mike Green, R-Mayville, issued a statement that boiled down to low-level fear-mongering.

“Rather than stoking the flames of intolerance and fear regarding these children, Senator Green should be calling on Michigan’s Congressional Delegation to act in support of comprehensive immigration reform,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “ Senator Green should be focused on finding solutions and not resorting to McCarthy-like rhetoric.”

The U.S. Senate has already passed a comprehensive immigration reform package, but the conservative-controlled House of Representatives has failed to act for over a year.

“Trying to score cheap political points against President Obama on the backs of refugee children is about as low as it gets,” Scott continued. “Senator Green should focus his ire on Congressional Republicans who have failed to take action on immigration reform, rather than taking jabs at children.”


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