As a young woman, Michigan has recently been a disheartening place to call home.

A few months ago, we watched the conservative Michigan legislature deny women basic health care rights – forcing us to buy an abortion insurance rider, equating it to car insurance.

That so-called rider does not exist.

And then we have Terri Lynn Land, who believes women deserve to be paid less due to the fact that they give birth to children. And the sick part is that many organizations and individuals are still supporting her and this position.

On top of that, there’s Governor Snyder imposing intentionally threatening laws on abortion clinics meant to create a fine line between legal and illegal abortion procedures.

And finally (for now), we have the conservative men of our legislature posing with Glamour and Harpers Bazaar magazine, saying that they understand women because they read fashion magazines.

Right now, the overwhelming message being delivered to Michigan women is this: Your value is limited. You do not deserve the same rights, freedoms, and protections as others.

Progress Michigan believes that Michigan women are priceless, and that ensuring equal rights and opportunities for everyone is worth fighting for.

As I reflect upon my time at Progress Michigan during my last day with the team, I am reminded how vitally important that message is, and equally how important Progress Michigan is in fighting against Michigan’s War On Women.

The team at Progress Michigan is dedicated to educating the public about how current issues are affecting hardworking Michiganders, providing ways they can take action, and is passionate about holding politicians accountable.

That’s what I love about Progress Michigan, and why I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working here. It’s not just an office space — it’s a rallying point for progressive Michiganders.

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