This week the Michigan Legislature…

Oh, wait. That’s right. They didn’t do anything because they’d rather spend three months sunbathing and pandering for reelection than do anything that benefits our state.

It’s only been a week since they’ve been gone. How bad can things get, right?

This Week in PM Blogging:

So Much for the ‘Comeback’

Numbers don’t lie, but Gov. Rick Snyder probably wishes they would. It turns out our CPA governor doesn’t have numbers on his side.

Potholes or Progress

This week, guest blogger Todd Heywood recounts the damage Michigan’s horrible roads have done to his car and discusses how the GOP might actually be using our crumbling roads as an economic development tool.

Score one for the home team

Muskegon Heights has fallen on hard times and their neighborhood schools have suffered because of it. Thankfully, there’s some progress being made and for-profit education models are being shot-down.

The Wrong Model

Conservatives love to cry about public investment, but Minnesota — also a Midwestern state with a lot of lakes — is showing why the tantrum needs to stop.

This Week in Progress:

Foreign Policy a foreign concept to TLL

See what I did there?

Terri Lynn Land seems to have gotten a pass from the media for clearly not understanding the situation in Iraq.

During a press scrum following a Small Business Association of Michigan candidate forum, (these are the guys who think there shouldn’t be a minimum wage BTW) Land was asked, if she were a U.S. Senator, how she would handle the situation in Iraq.

FYI: ISIS, a terrorist organization that has been denounced by Al Qaeda, is rampaging through Iraq.

Apparently, Land doesn’t have the slightest clue as to what’s going on in Iraq because she delivered this gem of a response:

“Well, the president has obviously said that Al Qaeda has, you know, on the run. Well, it’s obviously not true. So the president has to lead, he’s the chief and commander and he needs to lead and show us a vision and a plan on how he’s going to solve the problems and the issues.”

What’s “not true” is that you know what’s going on around the world, Terri.

As a U.S. Senator, Land would face decisions that could put lives at risk — and she doesn’t even have a basic understanding of major world events. If you’re vying to be a U.S. Senator, you should at least watch the news.

We called Land out for her ignorance and challenged her to lead on the issue.

What’s he hiding?

It’s been a bad trip for GOP governors lately. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is embroiled in accusations that he helped run a “criminal scheme” during recall elections and Chris Christie of New Jersey is in danger of being directly tied to the Bridgegate scandal.

And then there’s Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan. Our governor has done a good job of being secretive, non-transparent and unaccountable to the public— but we’ve been trying to hold him accountable.

We’ve filed over 17 Freedom of Information Act requests with his office over the past two months and guess what? They’ve all been denied or ignored.

The governor is exempt from FOIA laws, but that doesn’t mean he can’t answer our questions. We’re putting out a call to citizens to help us help Michigan by ensuring that we can front the legal fees to get the answers Michiganders are looking for.

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