Governor Snyder has spent three-plus years “reinventing” Michigan. In that time we have seen what it takes to twist and mold our state into his vision. According to the governor, seniors needed to pay more, massive cuts to education were needed and we needed to disinvest in our state. All of this was in the name of reinvention.

The results are in and they’re not pretty. After three years of complete control – conservatives in Michigan have delivered massive tax cuts to corporate CEOs while the rest of us live in one of the five worst state economies and dodge potholes.

Apologists for Snyder’s failure to fix Michigan will cry, “You got a better idea?”

Well, a new report says that yes, conservatives, there is a better way. The report, put together by the non-partisan think-tank Michigan Future, finds that instead of continuing Snyder’s race to the bottom, we can look to Minnesota to find a state where investing in it’s people instead of tax cuts for corporate donors has worked.

Minnesota is a free-bargaining state, has higher taxes but still out-performs Michigan. Oh yeah, they also have cold winters too. Read the report and prepare yourself to win a debate with the next conservative that argues that we need to continue down the same failed path that Snyder, Richardville and Bolger have led us down.


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