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The Aramark Scandal Saga continues with our new ad and Terri Lynn Land grasps at straws.

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Spartan Shame

I call out my fellow MSU Spartans (and all of those in attendance at the MSU vs. Nebraska game) for not putting aside partisan politics for 30 seconds to pay attention to an educational announcement attempting to raise awareness about terrible crimes that are being committed in our society and on college campuses.

The Top 5 Aramark Scandals You Haven’t Heard Of

From prison profiteering to endangering hospital patients and children, here are five of the worst out-of-state Aramark scandals that you might not have heard about yet.

The Stories Speak for Themselves

We released an ad that shines a light on Gov. Rick Snyder’s failure to properly run Michigan’s prisons. Watch the ad and decide for yourself if Rick Snyder cares more about public safety or corporate profits.

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This week, we launched a new television ad called “Maggots” to hold Gov. Rick Snyder accountable for his mishandling of the state’s Aramark contract for prison food services.

Like I said last month, the Aramark scandal is fit for nighttime TV drama. Since taking over food services in Michigan prisons, Aramark has had problems, including food shortages and illegal menu changes, drug smuggling, improper employee relationships with inmates and a murder-for-hire plot.

Within minutes of launching the ad, we received a letter from the top levels of the Aramark Corporation telling us to “Cease & Desist.”

We’ll happily cease and desist when Governor Snyder stops sacrificing public safety for corporate profits and cancels the Aramark contract. Until then, we’ve got free speech, not to mention facts, on our side.

Michigan Calling Part 2: Terri Lynn Land

Terri Lynn Land is upset because she was called out for not having an clear and concise policy ideas on Michigan Calling last week, a call-in program where Michigan voters had the chance to ask her questions on a wide range of issues. Land had no real answer for how she would handle ISIS, no clear policies for replacing the Affordable Care Act if repealed and she completely flopped on the auto bailout.

Numerous times when Land was tongue-tied during the course of the program, she resorted to mentioning that she’s a mother. Seven times she used her position as a mom to fill in answers that lacked substance.

Being a mom doesn’t qualify someone to represent all of the other moms and families of Michigan in the U.S. Senate. In fact, Terri Lynn Land holds some very anti-woman, anti-mom positions. She opposes a woman’s right to control her own health care decisions and supports the Supreme Court’s recent Hobby Lobby ruling that allows corporations to discriminate against women and deny them access to reproductive health care.

But when listeners questioned Land’s use of the “I’m a mom” talking point, rather than point to how she’ll take action on issues like paid sick leave that matter to women and mothers, she complained to the media, using her gender to score cheap political points.

Instead of complaining about criticisms of her poor Michigan Calling performance, Terri Lynn Land should evaluate her positions on issues they affect Michigan moms and families, and recognize that the real reason she’s not resonating with us is that she’s woefully out-of-touch. Not because she’s a mom.

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  1. Keep up the good work Progress Michigan. Keep calling these greedy arrogant jerks to account. You know it’s working when they respond the way Aramark has.

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