Conservatives in the legislature continued to demonstrate that they don’t trust voters and definitely aren’t interested in our opinions. Also, Bridge Michigan says, you can trust us. Check out Progressive Reads below to find out why.

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 Really, Terri Lynn Land!

There’s so much to learn about where Terri Lynn Land stands on the issues – and our new site will shine a light on her positions…or lack thereof.  There’s even a message from our good friends, “Corporate Oil” and “The Business Lobby” – try not to get it stuck in your head.

An Ideology of Fear

Last week, after it became clear that volunteers and workers from around Michigan would secure enough signatures to put a minimum wage increase on the November ballot, Senator Randy Richardville introduced a bill designed to stop the Raise Michigan campaign in its tracks.

Will Democracy Make Next Year’s Endangered Species List?

This week, we celebrated National Endangered Species Day. After sidestepping numerous citizens’ ballot initiatives, conservatives have made it clear that they simply don’t trust voters to make important decisions and will apparently do whatever they can to keep them from exercising their most fundamental right to voteIf this keeps up, democracy might be the newest addition on next year’s Endangered Species list.

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Really, Terri? Continued…

After months of campaigning, most voters still don’t know much about Terri Lynn Land except that she’s a woman, she’s supported by the Koch brothers and she used to run the Secretary of State’s office. But that’s not all there is to know about Terri Lynn Land.

We’re continuing to hold former secretary of state, Terri Lynn Land, accountable for her positions on the issues that matter to you. We thought it would be a helpful public service to pull them together for interested Michiganders.

Help us in our watchdog efforts to hold Land accountable throughout the campaign by using the hashtag #ReallyTerri.

Conservatives Keep Up Attempts to Silence the Will of the Voters

Last week we told you about how Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville tried to pull one over on the voters of Michigan by introducing a bill designed to undermine the Raise Michigan Coalition’s effort to raise Michigan’s minimum wage to $10.10 and improve the lives of over 1 million Michiganders.

Well, that bill passed the Senate yesterday. If it passes the House, it will land on the Governor’s desk for him to sign or veto. That isn’t stopping the Raise Michigan campaign from fighting to ensure that the will of the voters is heard and continuing to collect petitions to move forward the ballot initiative.

Progressive Reads:

No foul on billboards chiding Gov. Snyder for higher taxes

Michigan revenue dip tied to new tax law limiting corporations liability

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  1. I believe that the Republicans are afraid to put raising the minimum wage question on the ballot because it would mean that more voters would turn out at the polls for the mid term election. Typically few people vote in the mid term election so more voter turnout, mainly progressives and liberals, could mean trouble for the Governor, many Republicans running for reelection to the state legislature and especially for the US Senate race between Gary Peters and Teri Linn Land. They may be able to derail us form being able to vote on raising the minimum wage but I for one plan on doing everything in my power to get people to go to the poles and vote. I feel strongly that if we an turn the Republican majority in this state into a minority we will still have a better chance of getting a raise in the minimum wage with the Democrats in control.

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