When Tea Party activists bested their GOP brethren and passed Medicaid expansion without immediate effect – costing Michigan taxpayers up to $630 million – they weren’t saving money in the “classic” sense. No, they were saving money in the modern-we’re actually losing money-sense.

Similarly, as One Weak Geek signed the first major tax increase in 15 years for hunting and fishing licenses he stressed that this didn’t represent an increase in taxes but an “increase in fees.” So what does this “increase in fees” look like? It’s pretty straight-forward:

A typical deer license currently costs $15 for most Michigan residents. Under the new system, it will cost $31 — including the base fee, surcharge and a $20 deer license. A hunter who wants to purchase a second deer license could do so for an additional $20.

Raise monies to improve Michigan’s greatest resource – our outdoors? Absolutely, but if it walks like a tax increase and talks like a tax increase, then it’s probably a tax increase – in the classic-you’ll be paying more money-sense. Got a problem with that? Too bad – you’re just a customer. Tell One Weak Geek that we’re not customers, and Michigan isn’t for sale.

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  1. Speaking to a Tea Party member the other day about this, He told me ” Tough if you don’t like it, don’t hunt or fish any more”. I wanted to tell him to take a flying leap but I didn’t.

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