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June 13, 2019

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Bungled Flint Investigation by Schuette Gets Reset

Nessel’s Flint team announced today they were dropping criminal charges, starting from scratch

MICHIGAN — Flint Rising and Progress Michigan released the following statements regarding the news that criminal charges in the Flint Water Crisis have been dropped and the investigation is being restarted. News reports indicate that Attorney General Dana Nessel and her team believe the investigation they were working from, which was handed off to them by Bill Schuette and his hand-picked team, was so poorly done, they needed to start over.

“Bill Schuette should be ashamed for screwing this up so badly,” said Nayyirah Shariff, director of Flint Rising. “The people of Flint are clearly disappointed with any further delay bringing justice to those who had a hand in poisoning our city. Now Dana Nessel needs to make sure this is done right because the people of Flint are tired of waiting for justice. We will be waiting for more word about these charges and the reasoning for dropping them at the community meeting announced today.”

“First off, the people of Flint deserve justice. People need to be in jail for what happened. Second, it’s incredibly disappointing that this investigation was so badly managed by Schuette and his team that it needs a hard reset,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “The people of Flint have waited long enough and we hope that Nessel and her team put the pedal to the floor, get this thing done, and hold people accountable.”


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