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August 17, 2018

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Did Schuette/Wyant Relationship Spare Ex-MDEQ Chief from Flint Charges?

New report sheds light on relationship between AG and former head of MDEQ

MICHIGAN — Did the political and professional relationship between Bill Schuette and Dan Wyant spare the former head of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality from any charges related to the Flint Water Crisis? That’s a question Progress Michigan is posing today after a report from the Great Lakes Beacon sheds light on the ties between Schuette and Wyant.

An email obtained by Progress Michigan (page 10) shows in 2010 that Wyant was part of the “voting integrity team” supporting Schuette at the state Republican convention. The email was part of a larger batch of emails showing Schuette and his staff using the public office for political purposes.

In addition to the political connection between Wyant and Schuette, the Great Lakes Beacon reports professional connections as well. Wyant worked under Schuette when he was at the Michigan Department of Agriculture.

When Wyant resigned in disgrace from the MDEQ in the midst of the national focus on the Flint Water Crisis, Schuette sent out a PR praising Wyant despite the destruction he left in his wake.

“People on both sides of the political spectrum have rightfully accused Schuette of playing politics with the Flint Water Crisis and we have to wonder if the lack of charges against Wyant are a form of political patronage. We’ve seen Schuette use his public office for personal and political purposes, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “At the height of attention on the water crisis, Schuette praised Wyant during his departure even after bipartisan reports blamed the MDEQ for what happened in Flint. Now we know there’s a political and professional connection between these two. Is that why Wyant isn’t facing any charges? The question needs to be asked and Schuette should answer why Wyant has never been on the stand.”

Note: The Great Lakes Beacon is an independent news publication project that is housed within Progress Michigan.


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