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February 8, 2018

Engler being removed from endorsement list doesn’t go far enough

MICHIGAN — Progress Michigan is calling on Bill Schuette to return donations his campaign has received from former governor and current MSU Interim President John Engler.

The former GOP governor asked Schuette to remove his endorsement from his campaign website. Campaign finance records show Engler has given at least $5,000 to Schuette’s campaign committees.

“We maintain that John Engler is not the right person to change the culture at MSU and Schuette’s ties to MSU donors and Engler put his investigation into question. But simply removing Engler’s name from Schuette’s website isn’t enough. At a minimum, Schuette needs to return the money he’s received from Engler,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “While Engler’s name may be gone from Schuette’s site, the damage to the public’s trust has already been done. Schuette needs to return the money he’s received immediately if he wants to have any credibility. And let’s be honest, Schuette’s campaign won’t miss the cash, I’m sure the DeVos family will more than make up the difference.”


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