This morning, Bill Schuette tried to rewrite history. In a social media graphic posted to his Facebook and Twitter accounts, Schuette said, “Had government leaders listened sooner to real people, we could have slowed or stopped crises like Flint…As governor, I will meet and hear from real people to make sure this doesn’t happen.”

There’s only one really, really big problem: Flint did reach out to Bill Schuette asking for help — and he ignored them.

After Schuette’s message went up online, Flint water activists Nayyirah Shariff and Melissa Mays tore into Schuette’s hypocrisy.

Flint Rising also put out a statement, where Shariff said, “If Schuette wants to blame ‘government leaders’ for being slow to respond to the crisis, he needs to count himself among the guiltiest.”

Below is Schuette’s message, followed by Flint activists’ response:



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