Stock photos get used all the time in advertisements, but when you’re claiming to be a “real leader” who wants to connect with “real people” like Bill Schuette is claiming, you should probably avoid using them — especially when each one highlights a massive failure in your career.

Take this example:

This is a stock photo from And the description states:

Raising her hand in order to pose a question, this African-American woman was one of a number of attendees to a town hall meeting on behalf of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). The purpose of these meetings is to collect community concerns and share health messages about local environmental issues.

Using this stock photo with the accompanying description is painfully ironic. The photo is about citizens discussing toxins, something the people of Flint wanted to do with Schuette a year before he launched his investigation into the Flint Water Crisis. When Schuette tried to spin his roll in the crisis, activists in Flint tore into him, highlighting his record of dragging his feet to the crisis. The fact is, Schuette failed the people of Flint

Next up, we have a photo of a veteran with the same hollow message from Schuette:

This is a 2015 photo of a veteran from an event in Denver. Schuette can’t even be bothered to find a photo of a veteran from Michigan to push his message. Maybe it’s because Schuette’s record on veterans’ issues has a massive blemish on it.

When fellow Republican Rick Snyder decided to privatize the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, Schuette didn’t make a peep. When issues of abuse and poor care began to arise, Schuette was late to investigate. And when Schuette finally arrived on the scene, he botched it.


If Schuette is looking for a new stock photo to represent his leadership skills, we found one he can use:


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