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January 20, 2017

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The Coward’s Way: Snyder Uses Inauguration Cover to Announce 38 School Closures

Meanwhile, President Trump says schools are “flush” with cash

MICHIGAN — Just before the inauguration, Gov. Rick Snyder announced that he would be considering the closure of 38 neighborhood schools in Michigan, according to multiple media reports. Progress Michigan is calling out Snyder for his attempts to dismantle public education and using the presidential inauguration as cover from criticism.

Out of the 38 schools, 24 are in Detroit and the Education Achievement Authority, both of which have been under Republican state control for years.

“While the whole world had its eyes fixed on the inauguration of a greedy, sexist corporatist as president, Gov. Rick Snyder used the opportunity to announce that his office was looking at closing over three dozen neighborhood schools across the state, but particularly in communities of color. This is the latest assault on public education from our Republican-controlled government and the timing of the news release is nothing short of cowardice from the Snyder administration,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “From Donald Trump selecting Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education to Gov. Snyder’s announcement today, we are indeed on the verge of dark times for public education. We must fight back against this DeVos cash-backed attempt to privatize education in our state and we will stand united with teachers, parents, and students. Public education is vital to building healthy, thriving, and sustainable communities and Gov. Snyder’s actions today show he remains hell-bent on eliminating public education as we know it and the promises it offers future generations.”


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