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January 23, 2017

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Judge Calls Schuette’s Amicus Brief Defending Flint Residents ‘Superficial Posturing’

Judge throws out Schuette’s brief, saying he can’t defend both state and residents 

LANSING — Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette cannot defend the state’s refusal to deliver bottled water to Flint residents, while also attempting to jump on the citizens’ bandwagon to fight for the delivery, a judge ruled today.

“Judge Lawson was right to criticize Bill Schuette’s shameless attempt to play on both sides of this case. Judge Lawson said Schuette’s brief failed to add ‘anything of substance,’ to the case, created a ‘troubling ethical issue’ in the lawsuit, and accused Schuette of ‘superficial posturing.’ And we agree,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Anyone who has been following Bill Schuette’s career carousel could tell what this was from the start: a shameless attempt to gain cheap political points off the backs of Flint families as the 2018 race for governor begins to heat up.”

The ruling can be found here.


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