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May 27, 2016

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Bill Schuette Crusading Against Transgender Students

Letter to Obama Administration latest attempt by AG to stymie progress 

MICHIGAN — Attorney General Bill Schuette has officially begun his campaign against transgender students and the Obama Administration’s attempt to recognize their rights as people. The Detroit News reports that Schuette sent a letter to the administration attacking recent guidance that states students have a right to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity. Several Michigan Republican legislators also signed onto the letter.

“Bill Schuette is sending a strong message to everyone in Michigan that he is more concerned about waging another right-wing crusade against progress than protecting students,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Michigan Republicans like Bill Schuette have fought equality at every turn rather than working to solve Michigan’s real problems. Schuette is standing on the side of bullies and abusers who want to demonize and ostracize transgender students because of fear and ignorance. All students deserve respect, safety and equal treatment.”

While Schuette has not signed onto a nationwide anti-student lawsuit, his office reportedly said they were weighing all options.

“Our Attorney General has the wrong priorities. He waited until the national television cameras were rolling to take action on the Flint Water Crisis and reluctantly begun looking into abuse of veterans at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, but he’s wasted no time using his power to punish young people for the simple act of being who they are,” Scott continued. “Michigan does not need a hate-filled crusader policing our kids’ bathrooms. The last time I checked, the Attorney General is supposed to protect Michigan citizens – not monitor school bathrooms. Bill Schuette needs to end this political crusade and get to work protecting Michigan’s citizens.”

Republicans have been on the warpath since the conversation about gender discrimination began. State Senator Tom Casperson recently filed a bill attacking student rights and the House GOP voted to strip funding from the State Board of Education for proposing guidelines to treat all students with dignity.


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