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May 25, 2016

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Progress Michigan Blasts Casperson’s Gender Discrimination Bill

Bill would force transgender students to out themselves, open them up to bullying

MICHIGAN — Michigan Republican State Senator — and U.S. Congressional hopeful — Tom Casperson has introduced a gender discrimination bill that stokes fear of the transgender community and will open the door for more bullying and harassment of an already marginalized group of students.

The bill, SB993, was introduced today and forces transgender students to use separate restrooms from the rest of the student population. This will force transgender students to out themselves to the rest of the student body and will open the door to more harassment and bullying — problems that transgender students already face because of misinformation and fear campaigns from conservatives.

“Michigan is facing a litany of problems because of Republican control — a massive budget deficit, crumbling roads, poisoned water in Flint, and a Detroit school district that can’t afford to pay teachers — but Sen. Casperson is focused on discriminatory legislation that stokes fear and creates a dangerous environment for transgender students. This bill is wrong,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “The last thing we need is Michigan Republicans like Tom Casperson policing student bathrooms and locker rooms and putting Michigan back in the national spotlight for again refusing to protect marginalized people in our state. Transgender students — like all students — deserve respect and equal treatment, they don’t need conservatives like Tom Casperson telling them how, when and where to use public facilities.”



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