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Deadlines, Democracy and Other Inconveniences

This is just another story of those in power changing the rules in the middle of the game to meet their agenda. Democracy be damned!

I’m One of the Faces of Welfare…and I’m Not Ashamed

There are moments in a child’s life that have an impact on them and who they become. I think this was one of those moments for Progress Michigan Communications Director Hugh Madden.

When the going gets tough

I feel like handing the reins over to a democratically-elected official during a humanitarian crisis flies in the face of the definition of “emergency manager.”

20th Century Infrastructure, 21st Century Breakdown

Who needs good roads, pipes and bridges? If you don’t want geysers and death traps in your neighborhood, probably everyone, and especially in Michigan.

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You scared, Nolan?

Nolan Finley must be scared about Governor Snyder’s reelection chances if he’swriting gems like this:

“After drifting basically leaderless for eight years through its worst economic crisis in generations, Michigan now has a governor with a clear agenda and the determination to meet Michigan’s challenges. The case for Snyder’s re-election would seem overwhelming.”


To insinuate that Governor Snyder has an even a lick of leadership is insulting to Michiganders. Snyder is the highest elected official in a party that completely controls every level of state government and yet, he can’t get anything done. (At least anything good.)

He can’t get the GOP legislature to get anything done on roads, which has been, supposedly, one of his top priorities for the past three and a half years. He allowed those same lawmakers to pass rape insurance even after he vetoed it without so much as finger wag of disapproval. He managed to eek out Medicaid expansion, but only after serious arm-twisting and even then it was delayed and cost Michigan millions.

As for Finley’s euphoria over this supposed “agenda” that Rick Snyder has, I would point him in the direction of Right to Work. Not only was that law famously absent from Snyder’s “agenda,” he passed it in a matter of hours in the most undemocratic manner possible. How’s that for a clear agenda?

What about raising the minimum wage in an attempt to scuttle the Raise Michigan ballot drive? Was that on Snyder’s agenda? What about passing anti-choice legislation that limits women’s access to reproductive health care?

When Nolan comes out of his Snyder-induced daze, someone help explain to him the answer to the quandary he think exists in the run up to November.

“Nothing explains the polls” that show Snyder and Mark Schauer in a dead heat.

People aren’t high Nolan. They’re just being reasonable. Governor Snyder has proved over and over he has the wrong priorities for Michigan and voters are recognizing that more and more.

We Raised Michigan

Earlier today, the Raise Michigan Coalition officially announced that they would not be challenging the Board of Canvassers decision to not allow them on the ballot.

On a personal note, I have to say that working with the folks in that coalition was a true joy. I got to meet some amazing people who are willing to go the distance to fight for working class Michiganders. I also had the privilege of getting to know some workers who took to the streets every single day for the chance to provide a better life for themselves and their families.

In the end, their hard work resulted in the first minimum wage increase in Michigan in nearly a decade and tied it to a cost of living adjustment.

This is just one chapter in the battle for common decency and justice in our economic system. It won’t be the last.

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