Conservatives claim that there isn’t a war on women but, as usual, their actions tell a different story.

Over the last three weeks, conservatives in the legislature have been scrambling to push through a bill designed to silence the will of the voters and thwart a citizen-led effort to help hardworking women (and men!) get out of poverty by raising Michigan’s minimum wage to $10.10.

This morning, the Michigan House Government Operations Committee passed a substitute to SB 934, originally passed in the Senate that reduces the minimum wage to $8.50 per hour and removes indexing the minimum wage to inflation.

Despite being an issue that overwhelmingly affects women, the House Committee that took testimony on the legislation last week did not include a single woman. That’s a pretty good indicator that you’re not really working in women’s best interests – and we know it.

From requiring women to purchase rape insurance to attempting to stop them from earning a decent wage, conservatives keep firing shots in war on women. What those legislators seemingly fail to remember is that even in non-presidential elections, more women vote than men, and it’ll take a lot longer than six months for the wounds to heal.

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