A few months ago, the conservative-led Michigan Legislature rushed through and passed a bill banning all insurance plans throughout the state from covering abortions and miscarriage surgeries. Next month, all Michigan women will now have to purchase a separate abortion rider to protect their healthand their bank accounts — from the possibility of rape and other potentially medically necessary procedures.  This law makes no exceptions, not even for cases of incest. The worst part is many of these so called “abortion riders” do not exist on current insurance plans and in other states that have enacted similar laws, they have remained unavailable.

This is the legacy of Michigan’s conservative legislature.

This is not just an attack on women — it is an unwarranted invasion of privacy by the government into the private health care decisions of Michiganders. How’s that for “small government” conservative ideals?

There hasn’t been much attention paid to this issue since the law initially passed. In an election year, the conservatives who supported this right-wing assault are hoping we will forget this attack on women’s rights. Unfortunately for them, we will not. We’re going to fight back.

RSVP here for our Progressive Friday event. Our guest speaker will be Libby McGaughey, Vice President of Planned Parenthood of Michigan. Libby will be filling us in on the state of women’s health in Michigan, which we all know is currently under attack.

Space is limited, so RSVP and make your donation online TODAY!

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  1. Since Roe v Wade, Conservatives have focused their attention on so-called right to life, the fetus. They appear to want to protect the unborn. BUT, considering what conservatives have and have not supported, their moral grounds have become a sham. Their intent is their right to promote their own personal view of how females must behave; they insist that females have a second-class position in American society. Consevatives opposed the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution.

    Conservatives oppose equal pay for equal work. They oppose maternity leave. They oppose child care. They argue females should pay more for health care. They oppose the use of contraceptives and coverage of contraception costs. They, in the case of MI law, oppose health care for abortion coverage even if a pregnancy results from rape or incest or if a continued pregnancy could result in a female’s death. Or, as was the case in Texas, if a female is clinicly dead, her body must continue to breathe in case the fetus might survive.

    Conservative thought is a real enemy to females because it impacts whether a female can take care of herself and her family. Conservative behavior impacts her income and her opportunity to succeed. It is NOT the fetus that conservatives respect. It is their sense of moral superiority that cannot tolerate any difference of opinion or any attempts to oppose their positions. They conveniently ignore science such as how various contraceptives work or whether tests declare a person or fetus dead. Yes, such people are a threat because they take ZERO responsibility for the consequences of their actions. Only the female population pays the price, literally and figuratively, for decisions made by Conservatives.

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