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April 22, 2014

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Gov. Snyder’s Web of Cronyism Runs Deep: News Report

Analysis from MIRS News shows Snyder may be engaging in pay-to-play politics 

LANSING — According to a recent report from MIRS, during his tenure in office, Gov. Rick Snyder took in over $280,000 in campaign contributions from employees of organizations that directly contract with the state.

As MIRS reports: “In total over his first three years in office, he’s taken about 350 contributions ranging from $100 to $3,400 from employees of state contractors.”

“This report clearly shows that the Snyder administration’s web of cronyism runs deep,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Over the last four years it’s become evident that Gov. Snyder is just another politician who is more concerned about appeasing his donors rather than helping working families. It’s well past time for him to live up to his campaign promise of being accountable to the public.”

Lately, the Snyder administration has been engulfed in accusations that it may be engaging in pay-to-play politics — and this report only deepens those criticisms.

MIRS reports that Snyder received numerous campaign contributions from employees of Dickinson Wright after the firm was hired to provide legal advice on Detroit’s bankruptcy.

MIRS also points out that Snyder has also received about $40,000 from people connected to the furniture companies Haworth and DBI. Those companies and their contract with the state came under intense scrutiny after it was discovered that Snyder’s cousin, who owns DBI, lobbied the governor’s top aide when his $19 million state contract was in jeopardy. That contract was not only maintained, it was increased to $41 million — a 115 percent increase.

Just recently, Progress Michigan called into question the relationship between Adams Outdoor Advertising and the Snyder administration. Progress Michigan has filed a Freedom of Information Act request for information regarding any contracts between the company and the state. Adams rejected a Progress Michigan billboard that educated voters on Snyder’s tax hikes on working families and seniors because they “are really trying to continue to maintain good relationships with the governor’s office.”

“From no-bid contracts and protecting family interests while cutting education funding, to a culture of intimidation — the Snyder administration appears to be sitting on a three-legged chair of cronyism,” Scott continued. “Eventually, as was the case with Chris Christie, these actions will catch up with him and Michiganders will see him for what he is — a typical conservative politician who cares more about his wealthy friends than working people.”


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  1. He’s corrupt and he’s inept. The King of the 1% Governors. And his policies are damaging middle class and working poor families in Michigan all to benefit his base – Devos, Koch, and the Mackinac Center loons. Vote Blue 2014 and send him home. We deserve better.

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