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October 28, 2013

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Progress Michigan Calls Snyder What He Is — Just Another Politician

Snyder: “I don’t recall.”

DETROIT — Today at the Detroit bankruptcy hearing, Gov. Rick Snyder continually dodged questions from attorneys representing the retirees of Detroit.

From the Detroit News:

“I am asking if that conversation ever occurred,” the lawyer said.

“I don’t recall it ever being brought up,” Snyder said.

“You don’t recall but if it did, it happened in front of attorneys?” DeChiara asked. “Is that your testimony?”

“I don’t recall,” the governor said.

“What we’ve witnessed today, and over the course of his tenure, is Gov. Snyder’s transformation from wealthy businessman to full-blown politician,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Whether it’s on LGBT issues, equal pay for equal work, Right to Work or the Detroit bankruptcy, Gov. Snyder has either dodged questions or flat out lied on every major issue during his time in office. Michiganders deserve a governor who will be straight with them, not pull the politician card and dance around the issues.”


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  1. The pressure is bringing out the tea-bagger in Snyder. The pretense of moderation is gone now. He has lied since before taking office. He needs to go and we plan on doing the work and the calls and the door-to-door and we will raise the money and most importantly we will GOTV and he will become what he deserves to be which is a One-Term Nerd. This state deserves so much better.

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