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Progress Michigan executive director speaks out about Michigan’s Republican Delegation voting to cut food assistance

“By voting to cut SNAP benefits to needy Michiganders and Americans by $40 billion, the Michigan Republicans in Congress have once again failed the people they claim to represent. This bill takes food directly from the mouths of millions of veterans, seniors and children,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Michigan Republicans in Washington D.C. have clearly shown that bending to the will of corporate interests and right-wing extremists is at the top of their agenda, not helping the most vulnerable people in our population.”


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  1. These republicans are contemptible. And nauseating in their ignorance. Or greed. I’m never sure what their motives are. I just know the outcome they want for this country is devastating to the middle class and working poor. And they’re proud of it. There is something very evil about that vote to cut food stamps. Very evil.

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