SaveMichiganSlidesMapGov. Snyder sold himself to us as the no-nonsense businessman who would move us beyond partisan gridlock and make Michigan the “comeback state.” But instead, he’s proved that he’s just another politician.

We’re more divided than ever, unemployment is higher than it was at the same point in Jennifer Granholm’s first term, and more children are living in poverty. Michigan is in dire need of saving – and we’re the only lifeguards on duty.

With the support of well-heeled special interests, Republican politicians think they can do whatever they want. Right to Work. Skunk Works. Attacks on the LGBT community. VaginaGate. BolgerGate. It doesn’t matter. They’ve proven repeatedly that no matter what, they’ll keep up the attacks on those less fortunate than themselves. And they have the money to make any problem go away.

But we don’t – we have you. And your support helps fund our accountability work: tracking politicians, connecting the dots to their corporate donors, and calling them out in the mediaYou can get on board with our efforts to save Michigan by powering Progress Michigan with a $25 contribution today.


  1. I’m unemployed, so donations aren’t feasible. Local action, however, is. Thank you, Progress MI, for providing information that helps us unify and protest: We must confront this with ourselves, and organize within our communities for greatest effect.

  2. I can’t donate as I’m disabled and have no funds. However Gov. Snyder is selling out Michigan. We’re in worse shape now than before. I thought he was going to make us a “comeback state.” Instead we have probably the HIGHEST unemployment rate in the country. What is he doing about it? Nothing. He’s just an ugly politician. I HATE politicians. How I wish Rand Paul was in our state.

    Michigan is in trouble and SNYDER isn’t the answer. He needs to go. Why don’t we IMPEACH him? Get him out of here. We surely don’t need him. He’s just no good!

  3. Rand Paul?! Have you lost your mind? He wants to get rid of all of the so-called nanny state! That means if you’re disabled, unemployed, retired, sick enough to be unemployable, you might as well kill yourself because he wants to cut off all funds that will help you get by!

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