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Thursday, June 20, 2013
Contact: Joshua Pugh,, 517-575-7180

LANSING – Citizens’ watchdog group Progress Michigan released the following statement on the failure of the Michigan Senate to even vote on expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act before leaving for summer vacation until late August:

“The failure of Senate Republicans to even vote on Medicaid expansion makes it clear that Republican politicians have no interest in actually governing,” said Joshua Pugh of Progress Michigan. “For them to put political games and the interests of right-wing ideologues before the health of half a million low-income Michigan residents is unconscionable. Gov. Snyder and his Republican allies have known for months that this day was approaching, yet when it finally came time to hold a simple yes or no vote on a common-sense policy move, they failed to get it done. Michigan’s middle-class families deserve better.”



  1. you liberals are idiots. Gov. Snyder is FOR your idiotic expansion; not against it. the MI congress however (being more inclined to “the people’s” will) are not so certain. but if things take any more thought for you than “left good”, “right bad” you really don’t know how to handle yourselves. when the revolution comes (read history, it always does) it’s the conservatives that will survived. you’re fucked

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