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SKUNKWORKSLOGOOooh, that smell. Can you smell that smell? It’s the smell of “Skunk Works” slow-roasting in Michigan’s hot spring sunshine.

Over the weekend, emails obtained by the Detroit News through a FOIA request revealed that “Skunk Works” – contrary to what Gov. Snyder has claimed – has always been a government-sanctioned work group. Basically: they lied.

And what stunk at first is starting to smell even worse. As more details come to light about “Skunk Works,” it’s clear that we’re going to need some industrial strength disinfectant.

In secret, Gov. Snyder’s “Skunk Works” voucher group was scheming to cut education investments by $2,000 per child and replace teachers with video conferencing. Their goal is simple: making a profit while failing to educate our children. This plan stinks for Michigan’s kids. We need a governor who will put students first – ahead of the special interests.


Your support will help us to shine a light on Snyder’s failed policies online and in the media. Can you help us shine a light on “Skunk Works” by contributing $25 to our efforts?

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