Radical politicians and anti-choice extremists are at it again.

They’re resuscitating a failed attempt to dismantle women’s rights. When it comes to making choices about a women’s health and her body, it’s clear conservatives don’t think women have the wherewithal to make their own decisions. They’re escalating efforts to roll back the clock on progress, and making Michigan one of the most conservative states in the nation when it comes to women’s rights and their health.

This time, they’ve reached a new low.

The anti-choice groups are attempting a ballot drive. By collecting 258,088 signatures and forcing the measure through the legislature, they can pass a new law without a signature from Governor Snyder.

Gov. Snyder vetoed a nearly-identical proposal last December, claiming it “just went too far,” and then he signed a different law that imposed arbitrary and unnecessary building code restrictions on medical clinics across the state in an attempt to shut down countless medical facilities.

This new measure through the ballot drive would go so far as to ban all forms of abortion, even in cases or rape or incest or where the mother’s life was in jeopardy.

This is yet another effort to insert politics into the doctor’s office, and it’s shameful. The decisions made between a woman and her doctor are private, and her choice. It’s reprehensible an organization like “Right to Life Michigan” is trying again and again to infringe on rights that were decided by courts decades ago – and have been repeatedly affirmed by voters.

It’s time to push back, and to let them know we’re not going away without a fight.

Join us at the Capitol for the Board of Canvassers meeting in room 426 at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, May 22nd.

We will not be silenced, and refuse to go away.

It’s time to make our voices heard in Lansing.

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