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Monday, April 1, 2013
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In joint statement, GOP leadership withdraws support for Agema after bigoted Facebook post

LANSING – Michigan’s Republican leadership issued a joint statement today condemning Republican National Committeeman for posting on Facebook that many LGBT Americans are pedophiles and responsible for over half the murders in inner cities.

“Since my first campaign commercial, I’ve called myself One Tough Nerd,” said Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan. “If I want to keep being thought of as tough and above partisan squabbles, I have no choice but to call on Dave Agema to step down, or apologize for this shockingly bigoted screed.”

Republican party leaders indicated that it wasn’t the initial post that was the issue, but the subsequent national firestorm and Agema’s incoherent response that forced their response.

“I know last week I said I had no opinion on the matter, but the truth is, Agema is embarrassing Michigan Republicans on the national stage,” said Bobby Schostak, Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. “Republicans have no political future in Michigan if we allow hateful voices like Dave Agema to continue to lead our party, and that’s why I’m calling on Agema to apologize, or I’ll have no choice but to convene an Executive Committee meeting to explore removing him from his post.”

“If I’m being honest, I agree with 90 percent of that Facebook post,” said Jase Bolger, Speaker of the Michigan House. “We cannot allow the homosexual agenda to infiltrate our schools and homes and subvert our way of life. But we can’t say that out loud – I need to pretend I’m tolerant and respectful if I’m going to get elected to Congress.”


You didn’t actually think any of these guys would go on the record against hate and intolerance, did you? Happy April Fools’ Day from the team at Progress Michigan.


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