This week we put out a release calling on Gov. Snyder to explain why his Administration was spending taxpayer dollars on sending “right-to-work” fliers to every employer in the state, and bragging on a state website that right-to-work would lead to “greater efficiency and higher potential profits”:


This was obviously an admission that the right-to-work law would drive workers’ wages down. What other explanation could there be for higher corporate profits?

The Lansing State Journal reached out to Snyder Administration officials and asked them to explain the claim, but they declined to do so:

Late Wednesday, those officials responded with a general statement about their efforts to make Michigan more marketable after industry experts found “Michigan was not a welcoming place.”

Despite being unwilling to answer media questions about “higher potential profits,” it appears they were quite proud of the phrase. It also appears on DTE Energy’s website and in a December Forbes op-ed from Gov. Snyder that was heavily promoted by his Administration at the time.

But this pride apparently didn’t last long. This morning, the phrase had disappeared from the state website.

UPDATE: The phrase was struck from the “Why Michigan?” site, but as of 3:00 this afternoon there was still a flier advertised on it that included the phrase “higher potential profits”:



The flier will likely disappear soon, so we’ve embedded it below:

Michigan Business Friendly


  1. I think all he does is lie. He started his term that way and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down. We will make this corporate scam artist a one-term nerd.

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