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Tuesday, April 9, 2013
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Letter and flier sent to employers brags about “Freedom to Work” laws

LANSING – Citizens’ watchdog group Progress Michigan condemned Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration Tuesday for sending out a letter and flier at taxpayer expense advertising the new so-called “Freedom to Work” law.

“Snyder’s willingness to spend taxpayer money on his own political priorities is stunning, especially just one day after a report that his administration is too cheap to fight unemployment insurance fraud,” said Zack Pohl, Executive Director of Progress Michigan. “Michigan’s middle class families deserve a governor who will fight for their priorities and protect taxpayers, not lame propaganda in support of a law that won’t create jobs or move Michigan forward.”

The flier explains that “an employee or any other person shall not by force, intimidation or unlawful threats compel or attempt to compel any person” to join or support a labor union.

The letter is another example of the Snyder Administration using taxpayer money in a blatant attempt to influence public opinion on political issues. On the MEDC website a page titled “Why Michigan?” states that the new RTW law will lead to “greater efficiency and higher potential profits…”

“It’s shameful that the Snyder Administration is openly admitting that RTW will lead to higher corporate profits through lower wages for Michigan workers,” continued Pohl. “It’s past time for Snyder to come clean to Michigan workers and taxpayers about the real reason he forced through a vote on RTW while the people were locked out of their own state capitol.”



The RTW letter and flier can be viewed here:

Michigan Advantage website:

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