The House unanimously approved a bill on Wednesday that addresses the election fraud scheme Speaker Jase Bolger and Rep. Roy Schmidt cooked up.

Speaker Bolger’s audacity never ceases to amaze.

Bolger says we need higher election standards, “me included.”

Michigan residents need to see this move exactly for what it is: an overt attempt to provide cover for their ham-handed and immoral election fraud scandal. They orchestrated a last minute party switch, paid someone to be a fake candidate, and now they – and their Republican colleagues – are calling for higher election standards?


On Monday, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette declared he won’t be conducting an investigation into Schmidt and Bolger’s conduct.

Of course he won’t.

It’s a lot easier for Schuette to investigate someone like Thad McCotter – who already resigned in disgrace – than his own party’s Speaker of the House, who refuses to step down.

Bolger and Schmidt need to do the right thing and resign to restore the public’s trust in state government.

As the chief law enforcement officer of Michigan, Attorney General Bill Schuette needs to do what he was elected to do: Investigate clear violations of election fraud, election rigging and unethical behaviors of elected officials.

And all three should be ashamed.

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