The scheme hatched up by Speaker Jase Bolger and Rep. Roy Schmidt to steal an election – and the ensuing lies and apparent coverup that followed – is complicated and requires a little context.

Let’s start with the voter fraud boogeyman.

Voter fraud is when an individual assumes a fake identity to vote. One is more likely to be struck by lightening than commit voter fraud. Yet over the past year, there has been a concerted, national, and highly visible effort to implement Voter ID laws to combat this invisible foe.

From Romney on down their argument is the same: Voter fraud is already illegal, but is so pervasive that we need more protection. Otherwise, the entire election would be compromised and legions of citizens would be robbed of their sacred right to vote.

The result? Confusion. The mass purging of eligible voters that are most likely a minority, the young, the poor, or a senior citizen. The public admission that yes, Voter ID laws will suppress voter turnout and help Romney win.

Which brings us back to the scheme hatched up by Republican Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives Jase Bolger and Rep. Roy Schmidt to rob the tens of thousands of voters residing in Michigan’s 76th House District of their sacred right to a free and fair election.

The partial Michigan State Police report recently obtained by Gongwer through a Freedom of Information Act request reveals conspiracy and collusion among top Republican officials to delay, deny, and coverup:

  • Rep. Roy Schmidt’s coded cellphone entry for Matt Mojzak – the patsy that he and Jase Bolger picked to run as the token Democrat opposition once Schmidt switched parties at the filing deadline – is “Big Mo.”
  • The report shows the Michigan Secretary of State actively delayed the investigation by nearly two months, saying the request for video files had stirred up a “bee’s nest in the SOS administration.”
  • Days later the Republican prosecutor responsible for investigating the matter, Bill Forsyth, decided no laws had been broken and the three additional warrants to search Jase Bolger’s and Roy Schmidt’s phones and email accounts were cancelled.

Mojzak impersonated a Democrat, Bolger impersonated a leader, and Schmidt impersonated a responsible Republican. The integrity of the election was compromised. Thousands of voters were denied their right to a free and fair election.

As it turns out, they were right: Voter fraud exists, and it’s perpetrated by the same people proclaiming to defend our right to a free and fair election.

Americans – and Michiganders – have fought and died to establish and protect this sacred right: for a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

There should be a “Big Mo” building, and it should be building among liberals, conservatives, progressives, independents, and every other voter: We the people are not the customer, and you are not the business. If anything, we’re the manufacturer, and you’re the product.

The beauty? We can change the product. Join our campaign to hold Jase Bolger, Roy Schmidt, Ruth Johnson, Bill Forsyth, and the entire Michigan Legislature accountable.

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