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August 15, 2012
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News report reveals Rep. Lisa Posthumus Lyons helped cover up election fraud scheme

LANSING – A news report from Gongwer News Service released late last night revealed new text messages in the Jase Bolger-Roy Schmidt election fraud scandal. According to new documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, the investigation was halted prematurely by Prosecutor William Forsyth; Rep. Lisa Posthumus (R-Alto) Lyons was involved in covering up the scheme; the Secretary of State’s office actively delayed the State Police Investigation; and Ryan Schmidt personally paid the $100 filing fee for Matt Mozjak to run as a fake Democratic candidate.

Today citizens groups Progress Michigan and We Are the People called on Prosecutor Forsyth to immediately re-open his investigation, and renewed their calls for Bolger and Schmidt to resign.

“This embarrassing saga just keeps getting worse and worse,” said Zack Pohl, executive director of Progress Michigan. “How many other Republican legislators and staffers were involved in this conspiracy? Why did the Secretary of State’s office actively delay the investigation for nearly two months? One thing is clear. Jase Bolger and Roy Schmidt conspired to defraud the people of Michigan, and they should both step down immediately.”

Following a request from Progress Michigan and We Are the People, only 1 House Republican candidate out of 110 – Rep. Mike Shirkey – publicly stated he would support Jase Bolger as House Republican Leader in 2013, following the election fraud scandal.

“At this time I don’t know who would be running for speaker of the house,” said Rep. Peter Pettalia (R-Presque Isle). “So I don’t know who I will be supporting.” Rep. Mike Callton (R-Nashville) simply said “I will vote for him if he is the only one in the running.” Wm Nathan Sneller, running in the 75th District, stated “If elected I will vote against retaining the speaker. If he is unopposed I will challenge him…I have spoken with others, in office and running, who share my opinion but cannot speak out for fear of reprisal.”

“It’s clear Bolger and Schmidt have lost the trust of their own Republican colleagues,” said Todd Cook, director of We Are the People. “To restore the public’s trust in state government, it’s time for Bolger and Schmidt to do the right thing and resign. We can’t rebuild Michigan’s economy while Bolger and Schmidt are desperately trying to cover up this scheme and rebuild their political careers.”


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