Michigan’s presidential primary is less than one week from today. But instead of offering a vision to put people back to work, all we’ve heard are more attacks on workers’ collective bargaining rights.

Mitt Romney recently promised to “battle unions” that represent Michigan autoworkers, and Rick Santorum has said he doesn’t feel “warm and fuzzy about public-sector unions” that represent teachers, nurses and firefighters.

Sound familiar?

This is the same anti-worker rhetoric we’re hearing from Lansing politicians.

Click here to sign the petition telling Lansing politicians to stop the attacks on collective bargaining rights and protect our jobs.

In fact, just yesterday the state Senate approved a bill that would ban collective bargaining rights for graduate student research assistants.

This is just one of nearly 90 bills pending in the Legislature that would weaken critical protections for workers and dismantle collective bargaining rights in Michigan.

Collective bargaining gives all workers a voice, and the ability to negotiate a fair contract. Without these protections, CEOs can arbitrarily fire workers, cut wages, pensions and health care benefits, and outsource jobs to countries like China and Mexico.

To rebuild our economy, we all need to work together to protect Michigan workers and strengthen the middle class to help small businesses create jobs.

Click here to sign the petition – tell  Lansing politicians to protect our jobs!

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